EC Life Skills Programme

EC Life Skills Programme

The aim of the EC Life Skills Programme is to help you be well-rounded with the opportunity to think about your:

• Study/Career Management
• Life Skills
• Personal/Employability Skills

The Skill Wheel is made up of 6 areas

• About Me – Focussing on me, my well-being, needs and aspirations.
• About Others – Focussing on others, relationships, team working and those in the
• Communicate – The sharing of news, information and ideas.
• Explore, Discover, Empower – Imagining what might be, researching, making a
plan of action and getting on with it.
• Know-How – Knowledge, skills and expertise.
• Time to Think – An opportunity to stop, rest and reflect.

How it Works
• Each half term we will focus on one area of the skill wheel.
• Each half term has approximately 6 weeks. Each week will be focussed on what you
could to develop your skills in this area.
• At the end of each week you will have an opportunity to think about what you’ve
done and what you’ve learnt and how you’ve developed in this area.
• You will record this within this log book so you can remember it and use it in the
future as evidence of what you’ve learntEC Life Skills Programme.

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